Dubai Creek Striders - Terms and Conditions

Dubai Creek Striders (DCS) welcomes you! We appreciate you taking the time to sign up and agree to our Club's membership terms.


DCS urges Club Members not to participate in any running activities unless they are physically fit.  DCS encourages Club Members to undertake regular medical checks and to ensure they have adequate medical insurance. 
DCS takes no responsibility and will not be liable for any loss incurred by a Club Member or any other person resulting from any act, omission or injury arising at any time including without limitation prior to, during or after an individual's participation in any running activities organised, associated with or promoted by DCS.

Data Protection:
DCS will take all reasonable steps to keep Personal Data relating to a Club Member confidential unless requested to disclose any such personal data by a government authority, regulator or the court in any jurisdiction.

"Club Member" means any individual who has agreed to DCS's Terms and Conditions and submitted a registration form to DCS via the DCS's website.
"Personal Data" means all information provided by a Club Member in the Registration Form and any personal image of a Club Member in any form of media.

Registration Form:
By entering your name and other data in the fields below and submitting this Registration Form to DCS, you will be acknowledging and agreeing to DCS's Terms and Conditions including but not limited to the use by DCS of your name and images of you at any time on DCS’s website, Facebook Page, other social media, DCS publications and other promotional materials which will be available to the public without further notice to you.
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